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The Mission of the Hamilton County Patriots is to promote adherence to fundamental, limited Constitutional government, both Indiana and Federal, individual rights, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and strong national defense with secure borders.

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GMO corn can kill us!

Organic corn has 14 ppm of manganese. GMO corn has only 2 ppm.
Real corn has 7 times more manganese!
Organic corn has 6130 ppm of calcium. GMO is stripped down to 14 ppm.
Real corn has 437 times more calcium!
Organic corn has 113 ppm of magnesium. GMO corn is vacant, with only 2 ppm.
Real corn has 56 times more magnesium!

GMO corn contains alarming glyphosate levels
The amount of formaldehyde and glyphosate in GMO corn is unbelievable. To break it down, American EPA standards allow glyphosate in water of up to .7ppm. European tests indicate that animals begin experiencing liver damage at .0001 ppm of glyphosate in water. Putting these two statistics together, America's water levels contain glyphosate that is 7,000 times greater than the amount required for animal liver damage!

GMO corn takes that statistic up yet another notch. GMO corn contains 13 ppm of glyphosate, or the equivalent of 130,000 times more toxicity than EPA water standards!

The formaldehyde level of GMO corn is unspeakable
In a similar study on GMO corn, Dr. Huber found out that animals avoid GMO corn at all costs. When given a choice between both GMO and non GMO varieties of corn, animals always go for the real organic corn. Huber also found out that .97ppm of formaldehyde is toxic to animals. The GMO corn he tried to give the animals contained 200 times that amount!

This begs the questions:

Why is something this toxic fed to humans?
Why would humans touch the stuff in the first place?
Are people devolving?
Have their instincts been shut down?
Is their intuition numb?
Are they distracted by pretty labels and promises of safety?

Learn more at: naturalnews

America is not a Democracy!  Please follow this link and see that we are not a democracy no matter what our politicians and news media says.  We are a Constitutional Representitive Republic!

The argument of necessity is the plea for every infringement upon liberty, it is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves.
Thomas Payne of the British House of Commons


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