Gov Links

Government Links

Below we have provided a list of helpful links that will assist you with additional information and resources related to help keep you informed as best possible.

Some of the links in this section will take you to Web sites not owned or operated by Hamilton County Patriots. Hamilton County Patriots are not responsible for the condition of these links or the information they provide.  If you would like to report an issue with one of these links or the information displayed please contact us at TBD and we will investigate the issue.

Links to Federal Government:
US Senate --------------------------
House of Representatives -----------
E-mail and monitor Congress -------
Monitor Executive Orders ----------

Links to State Government:
Contact Your Legislators: ----------
Indiana General Assembly: ---------
Indiana Statewide Voter Registration
Indiana Senate and House Bills -----
Watch Dog Indiana ----------------

Links to County Government:
Hamilton County Government -------

Links to City Governments:
City of Carmel ---------------------
City of Nobelsville -----------------
City of WestField ------------------
Citiy of Atlanta ---------------------
City of Cicero ---------------------

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