HC Pats Agenda 20120327 ------------ Agenda for March 27, 2012

HC Pats Agenda 20120612 ------------ Agenda for June 12, 2012

HC Pats Agenda 20120626 ------------ Agenda for June 26, 2012

HC Pats Agenda 20120710 ------------ Agenda for July 10, 2012

HC Pats Agenda 20120814 ------------ Agenda for August 14, 2012

HC Pats Agenda 20120911 ------------ Agenda for September 11 2012

HC Patriots Mission Statement --------- What we’re all about.

CarmelTax --------------------- Data supplied by Sharon Hughbanks

MikePenceArticle -------------- Article supplied by Sharon Hughbanks

Projects Template -------------  A new template to help in defining projects

GroupIssuePoll ----------------  Possible ideas to work on and actions to accomplish them.

Truthinamericaneducation ------  Core curriculum that will dumb down our children.

Natural Law and Natural Rights  The natural truth about our rights.

Common Law Grand Jury Election Papers

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